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How do I get coupons for food allergies?

 - by Cindy

Hi, I’m allergic to Milk and my mother is allergic to wheat. Because of that food has gotten overly expensive and irritating to shop for. I was wondering where I could find coupons for products like Lactaid, Veggie Shreds, Tinkyada Pasta Joy, kinnikinnick Pancake & Waffle Mix, Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix, and other Lactose and Gluten free products. Thank you!

As an Old Navy employee, do I get the Friends and Family discount without printing myself a coupon?

 - by Cindy

I’m away at college and I can’t get back to get the actual card with the code for online. I want to go to Gap this weekend and do some Christmas shopping, so I was wondering if with just my discount card I can get the 30% off. I know that I get 5 30% a month, but is it unlimited this weekend?
I spoke with my manager and I either need my own F&F card or to have another employee send one to me. problem solved.

Have you ever purchased a flight coupon from ebay?

 - by Cindy

Going on a trip in September. I’m pretty sure of the airline and flights I want to use, it is NWA. I searched ebay and found a number of coupons offering 0 off NWA flights, but some of the sellers have less than perfect feedback, and strangely, every single one of their feedback ratings are less than 100….


Has anyone ever used one of these or bought them off ebay? Since my trip is over 0, it would save me 0 off, and I don’t have that much money right now.