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How to get good deals with double coupons?

 - by Cindy

Ok, so this lady in front of me in the line at the store had at least 6 12 packs of Pepsi/mountain dew. She gave the cashier a hand full of coupons on double coupon day and only had to pay .76! How is this possible!!!!! I receive the Sunday paper and cut coupons, I also signed up for at least 2 other online free coupon websites.

Do you think I can go over 50 cents with my Bath and Body Works coupon?

 - by Cindy

Ok so I have a coupon for BBW and it says Free signiture body care item of your choice with any purchase of 10 dollars or more.
So I want to buy a PINK body mist, hand sani, and holder which equals like 18 dollars
And the free item I want is 12.50
Do you think the cashier will let me go 50 cents over? Or let me pay 50 more cents?

What should I say, when a cashier gives me a hard time about a coupon?

 - by Cindy

I use coupons at all chances I get. I’m a college dude, and on a tight budget. I hate it when cashiers gives customers a hard time about coupons. Some of them get so rude about it too. I work part-time for a retailer, and I’m cashier trained. I would never be allowed to give a customer a hard time over a coupon.