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How do I use a manufacturer's coupon?

 - by Cindy

I found a manufacturer’s coupon off the internet and so I downloaded and printed it, but I have no idea how to use it? Do I just go to a retailer that sells the item and show the coupon or do I mail it to the company because on the coupon it says a Mail to: -insert address here-? But if I do mail it, do I include the cost of the original price and then they will ship back the coupon value or what?

Just to note: it’s a 0 coupon for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

Why would I recieve a parking violations payment coupon in the mail for my car in error?

 - by Cindy

On 6/6/07 I received a parking violation ticket in the mail from the City of Philadelphia Parking Authority it says I had not paid a ticket that was issued on 5/7/07 a month ago.It stated that my vehicle was parked at a location(which I had to look up on mapquest),in the Northeast Philadelphia section of the city at 3:54 pm that afternoon. I was at work that day(I work in Center City ) from 8:00am to 5:00pm, which my boss can testify to. And my car was parked at my home address in North Philadelphia where it stays into I get off of work, because I commute on Public Transportation back and forth to work, because Center City parking is to high. I am a single women, I am the only one who drives my car. Why am I receiving a ticket like this in error?I have to go to court now to dispute this ticket ,that is now for a false claim on my vehicle license plate number being used to write a ticket in a location my vehicle was not at and I the driver of the vehicle was at work.How is this?