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What are some good websites for coupons and free samples especially for baby?

 - by Cindy

I’m looking for some good websites where you can sign up for coupons and free samples for baby/toddler items (such as food, diapers, etc.). I’m not interested in printing my own coupons (no printer at home) and don’t want to have to fill out surveys or ‘participate’ in things that cost money to get the samples/coupons.


Where to find coupons for attractions in chicago?

 - by Cindy

I am planning to go to Chicago in July and trying to find coupons to save some money. So i was wondering if i can find coupons at Union Station or visitors center at Water tower or is there anywhere else i can get Coupons for Navy Pier, Sears Tower and Shedd Acquarium? Thank you very much for your comments and feedbacks.

Does anyone know the website for a coupon thingy I saw on the news once from Phoenix, AZ?

 - by Cindy

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew the site of a coupon place from Phoenix, AZ. They showed it on the news once before but I dont remember the name of it. It was a place where this lady did all the research to help others save money for food by placing store ads and coupons on one site for a monthly fee and i completely forgot the name of it. ive been meaning to look at but never had the chace until now and I FORGOT what it was. your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What is coupon rate and coupon payments?

 - by Cindy

This is what i understand so far, hope it correct:

Coupon rate: fixed interest rate borrowers must pay to lenders.

Coupon payments: Interest paid by bond issuer to investor.

Also, i want to know who can issue bonds? (Just government?)

What is their advantages of issuing a bond?

And who can lent this money? e.g firms only or can anyone loan it?

Please give me simple explaination as I am new to these terms. Thank you.

I need to find some kind of coupon or discount for admissions at six flags great adventure?

 - by Cindy

Tomorrow may 18, 2009 me and a bunch of friends are going to six flags great adventure for senior skip day. we all are chipping in some money to go so i need to find some kind of coupons or discounts for admission. If anyone knows anything that can help me i greatly appreciate it. thanks!