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Are there coupons online that you can print and redeem at a Sephora store for BareMinerals?

 - by Cindy

I want to buy more BareMinerals foundation but I don’t want to front the whole 60 bucks for it again. Does anyone know of any coupons online that I can print and redeem at the store for percent off or something? If you post a link to a valid coupon I’ll give you best answer, but it has to apply to stores, NOT just online shopping. Thanks!

How do i decode a coupon from the web?

 - by Cindy

I’m trying to print out something my sister sent me for a discount shopping at one of my favorite stores. I downloaded the attachment and it opened up with word, but coded and it keeps saying find the correct encoding to make it readable. should i be opening it with Word 2007 or something else? I’ve tried the utf-8 and all the other ones and it’s still unreadable. By the way, i’m using Windows Vista Premium.